As we continue to navigate the restrictions and plans in place to prevent the spread of Covid-19, we are committed to doing our part!

What you can expect from us:

-all staff wear masks
-staff wellness checks upon shift start
-increased sanitization of all common areas, bathrooms, chairs, tables and high touch surface areas and equipment
-tables separated by 6 ft/2m
-6 people max per table
-one open side for each table to allow for food and drink service
-contact tracing for all dine-in patrons, kept for 30 days

How you can help:

-wear a mask at all times, unless seated for dining (this means masks on upon entry and when going to the bathroom-forgot your mask? No problem, we’ve got you covered)
-sanitize your hands upon entry
-limit your dine-in experience to 90 minutes
-while we do our best to accommodate table requests, we cannot guarantee any tables or sections
-if you have a reservation and cannot make it, please give us a call 604-984-7411 to cancel

We appreciate your support and can’t wait to see you!

Mythos Taverna